About Us

Ultra ISP work closely with OC Energy to deliver bundled solutions to a resident’s utility needs in apartment complexes that we have special agreements with. Our focus is to service multi dwelling residential developments, mixed developments with a combination of residential, retail and commercial and retirement and age care facilities.

We are “all Australian”, Australian owned, run and staffed. Our customer care operators reside in our call centre in Melbourne and we know where Collingwood, Ryde & Kedron are. We specialise in connecting our customers to some of Australia’s fastest super & ultrafast fibre networks. There are many alternate private operators who are delivering super-fast fibre networks, not just nbnco (the government company) and all these providers contribute to the overall National Broadband Network (NBN) strategy.

We only specialise in Superfast Networks:

We access not only the nbnco networks but also that of innovative private fibre and super fast network operators, such as Capital Fibre Networks. In CFN buildings we can deliver special levels of services and unique value added services. We are connecting to other private fibre operators such as Opticomm and others. Let us know where you maybe and who your infrastructure carrier for broadband is and we will look to access their network to deliver our services.

Why Fixed Line and not Wifi or Mobile 4/5G

Wifi from public networks are a shared network and can be very unsecure and subject to may interference issues. The same with Mobile 4 and soon 5G networks. These too are a shared medium and are not designed to penetrate high rise buildings. You could receive very poor signal strength and this will inhibit your service speed and your user experience.

This is why we offer fixed line services using technology that will deliver speed and quality of service. We are able to control the service contention, unlike wireless signals, and therefore deliver a much better user experience for you.

Ultra Plans

In buildings by some of the private operators, they are offering access speed in excess of standard nbnco 100/40Mbps plans. These are in our Ultra NBN plans and are limited to the buildings where these operators have large backhaul capacity

We will give you that Guarantee, that we will not be beaten on price for a quality service of the same profile and parameters.