What is the NBN

What is the NBN
ultraisp January 09, 2019

What is the NBN

The NBN is not a single network but a policy and framework to introduce superfast broadband to Australia.

However our government policy makers have defined anything above 25Mbps as superfast which with todays technology is not.

The Government has established its own company (nbnco), which is funded by tax payers, to roll out superfast network infrastructure to existing (or what is called brownfield) dwellings and communities. But even in these existing communities they cannot get it right due to cost constraints and political interference. The Government has the wrong model to upgrade existing communities and could have done it cheaper (less taxpayer funding) and faster with the help of innovative companies.

However for new developments the developer can choose to use nbnco to deliver the services or they can choose a private superfast network operator, all part of the NBN strategy.

These private operators do it faster, cheaper and without spending tax payers money. These networks are run just like nbnco as a wholesale network service to which all ISPs, like Ultra ISP can access to deliver our end to end retail services.

nbnco under this current government, changed from a network which was supposed to be fibre all the way to your home or premises (known as FTTH or FTTP), to a mixed technology using copper in the last few hundred meters to deliver VDSL up to 100Mbps. They also acquired the HFC or Hybrid Coax Fibre networks from Telstra and Optus to use this to deliver services up to 100Mbps. They are now trialling and plan to expand the rollout out of Fibre to the Curb, which is fibre in the street but then uses your existing copper lead-in to deliver services. This technology like FTTH can deliver services faster than 100Mbps.

Unfortunately, our regional towns and rural and remote communities (sometimes not so remote) nbnco has chosen to use fixed wireless technology and satellite technology. Satellites ensures that we have coverage all over Australia however the throughput, speed and amount of data downloads are limited.

Do you know that your chosen government ( both side) think that they will finally get a return on their tax payer funded sinking hole by selling nbnco off. So what will we be left with. The exact same position Australia was in the late 1980s, where Telstra owned everything and would not cooperate to let others have access.

Why if the tax payer has poured billions of dollars into a core infrastructure would we sell if off to be fleeced yet again by the next owner.

NO!!!! We should never ever sell off the pit pipe access network or the core dark fibre network ever again. These are assets which will last 100 years or more and the biggest cost of rolling out a network of the future.