Ultra ISP Blasts Off

Ultra ISP Blasts Off
ultraisp January 09, 2019

Ultra ISP Blasts Off

Welcome to Ultra ISP. In mid December 2018 we assumed the business of OC UltraNet.

Since then we have been working to introduce new and improved billing and ticketing systems as well as recruiting a new customer care team.

Our Melbourne based customer care team are a dynamic team of enthusiastic, talented and experienced individuals who will assist you with explaining our products and services as well as any tech support issues you may have.

Ultra ISP is a specialist ISP, providing service only on super and ultra fast fibre networks. This not only incudes that run by nbnco but also other fibre network operated by Capital Fibre Networks, Opticomm and other fibre access providers.

If you cant get nbnco services in your building yet talk to us as we have access to multiple alternatives to nbnco.

But if you are already connected to nbnco we can deliver you a high quality, unlimited and competive service.

We look forward to be of service to you.