Ultra Plan


These plans are available if your building has a wholesale fibre network from Capital Fibre Networks, LBNCo or OPENetworks

LBNco has acquired Capital Fibre Networks and OPENetworks and therefore we have had to change our pricing for these networks.

LBNco no longer allow end users to use the Capital Fibre Networks NTD as their Wifi router and so separate routers are now required in Capital Fibre Netwoks buildings.

LBNCo also have high connection fees which we have had to pass on to end users.

Our Service activation fee is discounted based on the contract term you select, ie $99, $49 or $0.

No Lock-in

  • $99 Setup Fee
  • + Free Wifi Router
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12 Month

  • $49 Setup Fee
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24 Month

  • $0 Setup Fee
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Ultra 12+

For Individual email & low use

$59.95 per month

  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical evening speed 8-10Mbps
  • Not suitable for streaming services
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Ultra 25+

For Individual

$69.95 per month

  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical evening speed 18Mbps
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Ultra 50+

For Multiple Users and Streaming Video

$89.95 per month

  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical evening speed 38Mbps
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Ultra 100+

For Streaming HD Video and Gamers

$99.95 per month

  • Unlimited Data
  • Wifi Router Pre installed
  • Typical evening speed 75-85Mbps
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Ultra 250+*

SOHO work from home where you want speed

$150 per month

  • Unlimited Data
  • Typical evening speed 150-200Mbps
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I have my own NBN compatible router
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National & Local

$10 per month

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National Local and Calls to Mobiles

$20 per month

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Call us to discuss your Extra plan needs.
For small business you can upgrade your plan with one of the following upgrades

No Thanks

  • I dont need a modem or any extras
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IP Address

Fixed IP Address

$5 per month

  • I need a fixed IP address but I have my own router
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Unfortunately we have had to pass on the LBNco fibre network connection fee of $110 which is charged to us on all contract terms. If you are in a new development fee, then an addition New Development fee of $300 will apply unless this has already been paid for your property.


LBNco Connection Fee


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LBNco + New Property

LBNco Connection Fee plus New Property Fee


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